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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 9, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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that's what's making news in america this morning. america this morning. making news in america this morning, a shocking twist in the case of this desert compound where 11 children were found living in filth. this morning the claim that the children were being trained to carry out school shootings. the plot and who was allegedly behind it. the sitting u.s. congressman and close ally of president trump fights back. >> and i will mount a vigorous defense in court to clear my name. >> denying claims that he used inside information for a stock deal. how this scandal could impact the fight for control of congress. the growing uproar over another fatal police shooting. officers saying the suspect had a gun but video shows him running away. also this morning, the state where the entire supreme court could soon be impeached.
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plus, look out, lebron, the 14-year-old hoops phenom slam dunking her way to stardom. and from the moose trying to cross the road to the bug inside an umpire's ear, some unexpected sights this thursday morning. good morning, everyone. i'm maggie rulli in for diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson. we begin with the terrifying new details about that desert compound in new mexico where human remains were found along with 11 hungry children. >> five adults described as muslim extremists are charged with child abuse. one is reportedly the son of a new york imam linked to the 1993 world trade center bombings. >> authorities are now investigating a stunning claim about the kids at that compound saying they may have been trained to carry out attacks on schools. one by one the adults found living on the new mexico
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compound were led into court to face child abuse charges. the women wearing muslim head scarves believed to be the parents of the 11 children who were rescued. in court documents, prosecutors allege at least one of the kids was being trained to use a gun in preparation for a school shooting. >> there was a shooting range built on the left side of the property. >> reporter: the documents allege one of the men, siraj ibn wahhaj, instructed one of the use of an assault rifle. he is the father of a disabled boy that went missing. authorities believe the remains found this week are his son on what would have been the boy's fourth birthday. >> yesterday at 11:19 a.m., we did find the remains of a young boy. >> reporter: the father of the other man arrested, lucas morton, said his son texted him to say they were out of money and were starving. >> my intent was to come down here with a care package, to give them some money to help them out. >> reporter: but before he could
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meet them, the five adults were arrested and the children taken into state custody. >> five peaceful adult settlers, you know, trying to make a better life for themselves, but they just went about it the wrong way. >> well, a foster parent now caring for one of the children told authorities about the alleged training for a school shooting, but the public defender takes issue with the claim saying the accusation was made with very few details. a conservative congressman closely aligned with president trump is vowing to clear his name after his arrest on insider trading charges. new york congressman chris collins is accused of sharing information with his son that he was privy to as a board member of a drug company. prosecutors say his son dumped his shares before the stocks plunged more than 90%. abc's stephanie ramos has the latest from washington. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: hey, maggie and kendis, good morning. that's exactly right. representative chris collins is facing insider trading charges, but he's not letting it affect his run for another term in
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congress. he was one of candidate trump's first supporters. >> donald trump is a movement. >> reporter: republican representative chris collins is now facing federal charges stemming from an email he received while at a white house picnic. >> congressman collins is charged with insider trading and lying to the fbi. >> reporter: collins has pleaded not guilty to insider trading, but prosecutors say he was told by the head of the pharmaceutical company where collins sits on the board that an important test for a multiple sclerosis drug had failed. federal prosecutors say collins received that email and then called his son cameron multiple times before eventually connecting and passing on the information. the son allegedly shared that information with his future father-in-law stephen zarsky and others. everyone involved avoiding nearly $800,000 in combined losses. all pleaded not guilty in federal court. >> the charges that have been
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levied against me are meritless. >> reporter: collins' arrest is a black eye for republicans ahead of the fall midterm election. republicans could be scrambling now having to defend a seat which was considered safe. the democratic congressional campaign committee now says collins' seat is firmly in play for democrats. >> i look forward to being fully vindicated, and i will remain on the ballot running for re-election this november. >> collins' next hearing date is october 11th, just a little more than three weeks before the midterm elections, and, guys, he says he's not dropping out of the race. back to you. stephanie ramos in d.c., thanks so much. the trump administration is slapping more trade sanctions on russia as punishment for a nerve agent attack in britain. a former russian spy and his daughter were poisoned in march and barely survived. now, the u.s., britain, france and germany had previously condemned the attack as a breach of international law. the russian embassy accuses the u.s. of making far-fetched accusations.
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there's word that president trump may be willing to support broader prison reforms than he first indicated. he's addressing the issue with state leaders today. sources say the president may support a modified version of a house bill that calls for more changes to prison sentencing guidelines. those changes could include reducing the mandatory life sentence for some drug offenses. we are getting a new look at the fatal encounter between a nashville police officer and a suspect. surveillance video now released shows the moment that officer andrew delke shot daniel hambrick who was seen running away at the time. you can see him there. now, he's several feet away from the officer when the shots were fired with his back turned when delke fired his weapon. the july encounter started over a stolen vehicle. police say hambrick had a gun and the shooting has sparked outrage with hambrick's family demanding answers. >> i just want justice for my son. that's all i'm asking and for all the young black -- young
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guys and young women, i want justice for them. i love them all. >> the video's release has critics demanding the officer be fired and charged with murder. he is on administrative leave. the mayor has announced a review. a california man's under arrest accused of starting a massive wildfire that's forcing new evacuations. police say 51-year-old gordon clark owns a cabin in the holy jim canyon and had a long-running feud with his neighbors. they say he emailed the fire chief warning, quote, this place will burn. the fire has burned more than 6,000 acres in riverside and orange counties, and it is approaching more homes. abc's will carr is there. >> reporter: there's a major air attack taking place right now. we've seen plane after plane making drops swooping in just like that. this is the firefighters making their stand. >> that arson suspect is due in court today. officials say this is shaping up to be the worst fire season in california history.
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meanwhile, wildlife experts are helping this bear cub burned in the wildfire near redding, california. they're providing a unique treatment and hopefully will help him walk again soon. >> time now for a look at your weather for this thursday. good morning. the scorching heat is going to be so severe that we're going to challenge all of these record highs, possibly more than 105 in boise for today. higher than 103 in spokane. and higher than 101 in great falls just as an example, and in the southwest sizzling there as well. hot conditions with triple digits from vegas all the way down to phoenix and the northeast look for a punch of showers throughout boston and in portions of the northeast as well as the southeast courtesy of steamy air bubbling in from the gulf of mexico. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. coming up, a new study on how to find love online. what so many people are getting wrong. >> oh, no.
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so even though this is in alaska, it's still an insanely shocking sight. drivers came upon this moose just walking down the street appropriately named northern lights boulevard. apparently it was around midnight just out strolling around. he's careful not to disrupt traffic even though he could take out any one of those cars. look at the size difference. >> those moose really haven't
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had a job since "northern exposure" went off the air, i guess. so, new york is set to become the first city in the nation to impose a cap on ride-hailing services like uber and lyft. lawmakers approved a 12-month moratorium on new licenses for drivers working for those services. those supporting the cap say it'll reduce traffic. now, they say cars for ride-sharing services have overwhelmed the city streets but critics warn the ban could drive up prices and unfairly burden people in more suburban areas. in west virginia a stunning headline from the state capitol. a house committee has voted to impeach all of the justices on the state supreme court. one of the justices has been indicted on fraud charges. the others are accused of failing to carry out their duties and even spending too much money on remodeling their offices. the impeachment vote now goes to the full house. a major drug bust in california. federal authorities have seized 1 ton of cocaine, 93 pounds of heroin and more than $1.4 million. they arrested 20 suspects accused of smuggling for the
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sinaloa drug cartel. well, cvs is rolling out a service that allows doctors' visits through your cell phone. the app will be available to treat common ailments cold and the flu. for $59 patients can fill out a questionnaire which will be reviewed by a health care provider before the video visit. it's not often you hear the words ski lift and volcano used together, and it's even more rare to see them at the same time, but look at this. one skier literally in this front row seat on a ski lift in chile as an active volcano belched out a 5,000-foot plume of dust and ash. that is an instagram opportunity if i've ever seen one. you are going to get so many likes and we should say it doesn't appear that anyone was hurt. >> people go so far. coming up, the basketball star showing off her dunking skills, and she's only 14. but first, an air travel
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nightmare for two children by themselves on a diverted fly. where the airline took them and what the parents are claiming. the angelina/brad divorce trauma got more intense overnight. the first survivor of alzis out there.ase
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so, one of the umpires at the yankees/white sox game last night got an earful, but it wasn't because of a blown call or anything hike that. >> it's because of this, what looks like a moth flew into his left ear and got stuck. the trainer staring at it. his trainer tried to stump him. the ump did it himself. the bottom line is, pretty disgusting. he pulls that moth out of his ear. >> he got it out. >> good for you. >> like "silence of the lambs" right there at the yankee game. a florida family is calling out frontier airlines this the handled a diverted flight with their young kids on board. >> their kids were flying back to florida alone when their flight was diverted to
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city for the night and they say the airline kept them in the dark the entire time. their parents are furious. >> we never ever got in touch with a direct supervisor from frontier airlines. >> reporter: 9-year-old carter gray and his 7-year-old sister etta were flying as unaccompanied minors from des moines, iowa, to orlando on frontier in july scheduled to land at 10:46 p.m. but stormy weather kept flights from landing so shortly after midnight carter using another child's phone messaged his dad that he and his sister were stuck in atlanta where the flight had to be diverted. still no word, the parents say, from frontier. at 4:23 a.m., the kids texted that they were now in a hotel off the airport premises with four other children who were on the same flight. five boys slept in one room and their son shared a bed with a 14-year-old he had just met. all this time the parents say they had not received a single phone call, message or update from frontier airlines. nor did anyone from the airline
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ask their permission to put their kids in a hotel. >> not knowing where they were, who they were with, you know, what potential background screens had been performed on this frontier employee and knowing they had to sleep in a room with other children that were older than they were, the fact that they were driven to the airport in a personal vehicle, it was very infuriating. >> reporter: the children flown home the next morning. >> it is scary for them. they were scared. they weren't in their own bed. they had no advocate for them. they didn't know what to do so they were definitely scared. >> reporter: in a statement frontier airlines says the kids were always attended by one of the airline's supervisors and that the children were in constant contact with their mother before they were moved. the airline said the representatives were with the children when they spoke with their mother after arriving from atlanta and say they did try to contact the father that night but couldn't reach him until the next day. new fallout for one of the biggest churches in the country embroiled in a sexual misconduct scandal. the pastor and entire board of willow creek community church
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near chicago have now resigned. they've publicly apologized for mishandling the sexual harassment allegations against the church founder, bill hybels who recently also stepped down. the dispute between angelina jolie and brad pitt is getting nastier by the day. pitt says he's paid jolie $1.3 million since the two separated two years ago refuting her claim he hasn't paid meaningful child support for their six children. he also said that he loaned her $8 million to buy a house. but in the court filing jolie insisted a loan is not child support. a teenager from south carolina is making headlines for her abilities on the basketball court. ashlyn watkins is just 14, bu she threw down a slam dunk at the world championship in orlando. she's already 6'2" tall. not bad. >> those are some ups. >> yep. >> very impressive. well, up next in "the pulse," the photoshopping of leo dicaprio.
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♪ we start "the pulse" with a growing backlash over a plan to introduce a new category at the oscars. >> the new award is for popular movies and it will be called outstanding achievement in popular films. critics have been quick to lash outing saying this implies popular and good are two different things and some are calling the idea lazy saying this will be a fake oscar. >> indeed, the academy has a long reputation of snubbing blockbuster films like superhero franchises. "black panther" might be in the favorite category, this new category but some say winning the award may be detrimental. ith "bla people in
4:23 am
hollywood thought it had a legitimate shot at best picture this year so by creating this separate category for popular films, there's the fear that it's going to be put aside and not considered for the main award. >> yeah, good point. the academy says that all movies eligible for best popular film will also be eligible for best picture. >> they also made one more change that's getting rave reviews. they're shortening the oscars to be just three hours instead of four. i'm just still waiting for our overnight morning oscar. >> keep waiting. next to a hollywood photoshop job that's worthy of an oscar. >> check out this image of brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio in character for "once upon a time in hollywood." >> but according to "the new york post" sony ho is producing the film accidentally updated all the edits made to that original shot including leo's hint of a double chin. that's a bit more of a hint. >> sony has since deleted the press file saying in a statement pitt and dicaprio did not
4:24 am
request any retouching. we take full responsibility for the error. now to a major new study about online dating. >> it found that most online daters, both men and women, pursue people that they consider to be about 25% out of their league. they dream big, but the more desirable the person was, the longer the message we write which experts say is not the most effective way to get that first date. it's called hard to get, people. >> this headline about what women are looking for. the study found men at the age of 50 are more desirable than younger men. >> that's so unfair. you dudes have it so -- ah. but on the inside, i feel chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief from fibromyalgia pain, and improves function. lyrica may serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions.
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." good morning, thursday, august 9th. natasha has the day off and jessica is on assignment. you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. hi, mike. >> good morning. >> over here. >> all right. >> we're all over here. >> we're confusing him. >> no left turns for me. all over there. what was on a lot of people's minds the air quality. i will start with that today. it's poor across most of the state. see wherever it's orange, red, and magenta where we have poor air quality. zoom to our neighborhoods and see out near tracy just on the other side of the altamont pass into the central valley the air quality is unhealthy for everybody. as we head into the afternoon hours, hazy sunshine and you can see the fog out there right now keeping us away from that
4:28 am
dangerous air. as we head through the afternoon hours, another spare the air day. poorpoor air quality possible. we'll look at your accuweather seven-day forecast next. >> taking a look at the roads. starting off quietly. a live look at our bay bridge camera. no delays as you make your way into the city. it is also a spare the air as mike mentioned so boy, if you can carpool use mass transit, once again that is recommended. bart, 13 trains in service, no delays there, ace one out on time out of the central valley and normal service, no delays if you are traveling by the san francisco bay ferry. happening today the families and friends of the ghost ship warehouse fire victims will face the men. >> sentencing begins for derrick almena and max harris. reporter amy hollyfield is live in theit's expected to be an eml couple days in court. the judge carved out two days because they wanted everyone to get a chance to speak. 36 people were killed about a year and a half ago in a wir
4:29 am
hou -- warehouse fire. they were attending a concert, some lived in the building and many of the relatives are upset. they believe the two men being held responsible are getting off easily. loved ones will get to make victim impact statements today and tomorrow. a cause of the fire was never determined, but officials found there weren't proper exits and people were trapped on the second floor of a too crowded, improperly wired building. they pleaded no contest to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. almena could get out in three and a half years, harris in 23 months. some say this isn't enough. one lawyer for the families pointing out if you do tmath, that is about three months for each death. they have a civil lawsuit playing out in court. that's against the master tenant almena and the lan lordlord
4:30 am
pg&e. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. an appeals court rejected a move by former swimmer brock turner to overturn his sexual assault conviction. his lawyer argued turner wanted to have outercourse with the victim and never intended to rape her. the judge said the argument lacked merit. the case got national attention when the trial judge gave him a six-month sentence. the stanford professor who led a recall effort against the judge applauds the decision. >> brock turner is a lying, unrepentant sex predator who never showed real remorse for his crimes and this decision by the appellate court shows why he never deserved the light sentence that judge persky gave him. >> he can appeal to the state supreme court but the high court is considered unlikely to take up se. 4:30, just waking up, good morning. here's a quick update on your weather and traffic. we start w


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